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  • Ca la Rotllada restaurant

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    • Ctra de Vic - Olot km 23,6
  • Phone number

    • 93 856 50 24
  • Cooking style

    • Traditional and homemade cuisine
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  • Town


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Ca la Rotllada is an ideal restaurant for family parties or groups of friends, always on request. It has two dining rooms, one with capacity for 20 people, and the other with capacity for 10 people.

In the restaurant you can taste a market cuisine based on the products of the environment and with traditional recipes such as escudella and beef, scalded soup or peascene chicken casseroles, oxtail, cap and pork, pork, pork ... And, by order, also offers appetizers with more elaborate and attractive dishes, marked by the temporality of the products and designed to make the most demanding palates offer, also, totally homemade desserts.


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