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International Circus Palace

Circusland invites the visitor to a walk through the arts of the circus, its origins, history and evolution. Arranged on three floors, the different equipment rooms show the history of 250 years of the circus through a journey through the different disciplines of the track: acrobatics, balances, magic, juggling, trapeze ... An attractive presentation makes the participant visitors and transports them into a magical world through the rooms of the Cal Coro building that occupies the space of the Abbey House of the Monastery of San Pere: from the millennial Chinese acrobatics to Cirque du Soleil without forgetting the jugglers of the Middle Ages, foreshadowing of today's jugglers.

Beyond preserving the heritage and memory of the circus and investigating, educating and offering experiences that stimulate curiosity, critical thinking, learning and enjoyment, Circusland will be strongly involved in the cultural, educational, social and scientific life of its territory.


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