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We are dedicated to making cured meat and meats quality artisan. Our pigs are Duroc breed, they are born, grow and are made home. Not only do we have classic sausages but we also innovate by creating sausages that convey new sensations.

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Our agricultural family farm is located in Mas Corominas de Begudà, in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa. It is in this setting where our pigs are born, grown and made.

Thinking about the best quality of our products, we pay special attention to four factors that we believe intervene directly in the palate.

1 The race: Within the Duroc breed we have made a selection of our pigs until they get the most suitable.
2 Feeding: We guarantee you to fatten our porkets to eat a flour made up of various cereals, being free of flours and animal fats, fish meal, growth promoters and antibiotics.
3 The age of our piglets: the sacrifice is not carried out until they have acquired the point of maturity that we consider to be optimal.
4 Natural preservatives: All our raw and cooked products are exempt from both artificial preservatives and dyes.

Our goal is to develop the same pig that our grandparents had, to find the taste before them. But we also ignore innovation, we carry out a rigorous research process to create sausages that transmit new sensations and bring us new flavors.

That is why and for the effort and enthusiasm that we put in, that we are sure you will notice the difference when you taste our products on the table.


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