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Creation space where we work with glass and ceramics in an artistic and artisan way. We offer personalized solutions for different decorative areas, author pieces, and workshops in which participants live the experience of creating their own piece.

Located in a reformed farmhouse, the workshop is a space where we work with glass and ceramics in an artistic and artisanal way. It is a creative space, that is why there is a show-room where you will find different author pieces. It is a production space, which is why we work to offer unique and personalized solutions for the areas of gastronomy, decoration and interior design. And it is also a space where you can live creative and manual experiences, which is why we organize workshops where you will experience the process of creating your own glass piece.

From the trade and creativity, we are in a continuous process of development and we investigate the possibilities that the territory offers us. Thus, we have developed collections of pieces with volcanic clay that are already found in restaurants in the region and in Barcelona.

Recently, within the framework of the Crafts Code Project of the European Union, we have been selected as a Good Practice of the Artisan Sector of Spain.


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