Swimming holes of protected area of protected natural area of the Brugent River

In the south-east of La Garrotxa the river Brugent and its tributary, Riera de Cogolls, flow peacefully down to the river Ter. The cold lime-rich waters of these two watercourses have carved out a series of rather exotic swimming holes.

Molí dels Murris, Santa Margarida, Can Poeti, La Plana, La Mola, D’en Valls and D'en Boix are the most interesting of these excellent bathing spots.

Access by vehicle is restricted and so you must park where indicated and then head for the swimming holes on foot along the signposted routes.


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- The access of visitors to the gorges of Les Planes d'Hostoles is regulated


Nearby trails


- Gorg de can Poeti

- Gorg de Santa Margarida

- Gorg de la Plana

- Gorg del Molí dels Murris


Other places to dive into the water:


- Swimming pools