Basalt cliff at Castellfollit de la Roca

The buildings in the village are constructed mainly from volcanic material. The paving slabs and the street furniture in the old town are made from basalt, the rock that is formed when lava cools.

A 40-m high basalt cliff formed by two lava flows originating from volcanoes in Olot and Begudà.

The morphology of the basalt depends on how the lava cools: columns and slabs.

The old town dating from the Middle Ages, with buildings constructed from volcanic rock, narrow streets with small squares and viewpoints.

Old church-museum: cultural centre with temporary exhibitions and a panoramic view from the bell tower of the old town centre and the Fluvià valley.

Industrial architecture along the riverside.

Industrial use of water: dams, canals and mills.

Access: Natural Park Itinerary 13 (1,5 km, 40 min), begins at the car park at the junction of the N-260 and the road to Oix.

Braille signage from different points of tourist interest that make up the circular route that allows you to walk the streets of the old town to reach the viewpoints of the basaltic wall and visit the old church.

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