Signposted routes

In addition to the Carrilet cycle lane, in La Garrotxa there are several marked trails called "Secrets de les Vies Verdes" (Secrets of the Greenways) through which, from the Carrilet cycle lane, you can explore the area by bike:

- Sant Joan les Fonts: Three lava flows route (only on foot)
- Vall de Bianya: All roads lead to Rome (on foot and/or by bicycle)
- Vall de Bianya: Manor houses and crops (only on foot)
- Les Planes d´Hostoles. Spaces and domains: The Remences rebellion (on foot and/or by bicycle)
- Les Preses. Beech trees amongst the volcanoes (on foot and/or by bicycle)
- Olot. The art of landscapes (on foot and/or by bicycle)
- Sant Feliu de Pallerols. A volcano set in the forest (on foot and/or by bicycle)
- Vall d´en Bas: The cradle of Verntallat. The Remences rebellion (on foot and/or by bicycle)

Besalu, meanwhile, has the Anella Verda (Green Belt), a spacious walk by the river Fluvià suitable for bikes.

The Carrilet cycle lane is part of Pirinexus a circular route linking the north and south side of the Pyrenees route suitable for walking and cycling use.

Regarding to MTB, there is a trail called Montagut - Santa Bàrbara - Sadernes.

Carrilet cycle lane map

Carrilet cycle lane table of km

Girona Bescanó Anglès Cellera
Amer Les Planes
Sant Feliu
Sant Esteve
Les Preses Olot  
6,4                   Bescanó
16,7 10,3                 Anglès
18,2 11,8 1,5               La Cellera
24,2 17,8 7,5 6,0             Amer
32,2 25,8 15,5 14,0 8,0           Les Planes
37,5 31,1 20,8 19,3 13,3 5,3         St. Feliu
47,5 41,1 30,8 29,3 23,3 15,3 10,0       St. Esteve
50,7 44,3 34,0 32,5 26,5 18,5 13,2 3,2     Les Preses
55,0 48,6 38,3 36,8 30,8 22,8 17,5 7,5 4,3   Olot

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