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The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism and the Codi de Gestió Sostenible de la Garrotxa i el Collsacabra are two tools that we give to all tourist businesses who want to work in the line of sustainability.

The European Charter was implemented in La Garrotxa in 2001, one of Europe's leading wildlife parks and the Spanish first introduced .

Since then, La Garrotxa entities related more directly or indirectly to tourism, among which are Turisme Garrotxa, plan jointly every 5 years a strategy for the future, and apply the actions we have committed to get ahead.
In addition, all tourist businesses that are willing to carry out an improvement plan and meet certain requirements can also be credited with the European Charter.

Parallel to the European Charter was born on Codi de Gestió Sostenible de la Garrotxa i el Collsacabra, a tool that aims to improve the management of socially responsible public agencies and private companies to contribute to the balanced and sustainable growth.

Since 2012 the driving entities European Charter and joined Codi de Gestió Sostenible in La Garrotxa joined efforts to made available to businesses these two tools. Since then, La Garrotxa tourist companies that are credited with the European Charter, so do the Codi de Gestió Sostenible, and have the doors open to participate in other projects.

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