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Vayreda’s Alta Garrotxa



Marian Vayreda’s novel La Punyalada provides one of the best ways of discovering the Alta Garrotxa. The places depicted by this 19th century author in the scenes from his famous novel have been joined in a discovery route.

The route begins in Montagut and leads via Sadernes all the way to Sant Aniol d’Aguja. During the route we follow paths from the Itinerànnia footpath network to illustrate the triangle of love and death between Albert, Ivo and Coral·lí that Vayreda wove in his novel.

The starting point for this literary route is Sadernes, accessible by motor vehicle. Nevertheless, visitors who wish to walk a bit further can also start in Montagut and follow the Itinerrània network of marked paths and trails, which adds an extra 12 km (there and back) to the route. From Sadernes the route follows the marked paths of the Itinerànnia network of footpaths that lead all the way to Sant Aniol d’Aguja.

The church of Santa Cecília de Sadernes, a bridge ‘Pont de Valentí’ and El Gomerall, a gorge as well as the sheer cliffs at Salt de la Núvia and the Cova del Bisbe (cave), are some of the main points of interest that walkers will come across on this route through the Alta Garrotxa, a wild area of deep valleys, spectacular cliffs and a cultural heritage of incalculable value. Whilst we walk we can contemplate and visit some of the places so magnificently described by Marian Vayreda in La Punyalada:

"Never as in that year had the Aplec dels Francesos at Sant Aniol seemed to me so sad, despite a morning as beautiful as few others: the blue of the sky stretched pure as a veil above the cliffs as the sun’s golden rays illuminated the playful tones of the verdant vegetation, freshly watered by the abundant  spring rains that had penetrated as far as even the deepest roots of the oldest of trees.”

Don't miss

·Church of Santa Cecília in Sadernes

·Pont d’en Valentí

Did you know?

In 1869 Marian’s brother Joaquim founded in Olot El Centre Artístic, a group of intellectuals and artists that gave rise to the Olot School of Landscape Art. Some of their work is hung in the Museu Comarcal in Olot.

Route details

·How? This route can be walked all the way from Montagut or can be started at Sadernes. Follow Itinerànnia waymarking from signpost 32 ‘Molí d’en Galceran’ to signpost 39 ‘Sant Aniol d’Aguja’. At Molí d’en Galceran, follow the sign indicating ‘Oix 5h 15min’ At Pont d’en Valentí, follow the sign indicating ‘Oix 4h 35min’ At La Muntada, follow the sign indicating ‘Vila-roja’. At Coll del Molí de Sant Aniol, follow the sign indicating ‘França’. How to get there: leave the A-26 at the Montagut exit and once in Montagut take the GiV-5221 towards Sadernes.

·Max. height: 465 m Min. height: 270 m

·Total climb: 291 m

·Total descent: 101 m

·Total descent: 6’5 km approx. (one way)

·Difficulty: moderate

·Starting point: Sadernes (Molí d’en Galceran)

·Waymarked trail: yes. Waymarking for Itinerrània and Alta Garrotxa Trail 1

·Route only suitable on foot

More information

·literary atlas of Girona

·Itinerànnia 1:50,000 map, Editorial Alpina

·Leaflet describing Alta Garrotxa natural route nº 1

·Tourist map of La Garrotxa


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