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Summits of La Garrotxa



Mare de Déu del Mont in the Alta Garrotxa, the sanctuary of La Salut near Sant Feliu de Pallerols, the volcano Montsacopa in Olot, Xenacs recreational area near Les Preses, the basalt cliff at Castellfollit de la Roca and Santa Maria de Finestres near Santa Pau are some of the nest natural viewpoints in La Garrotxa and all provide incredible panoramas of the comarca and its landscapes.

The recreational area of Xenacs in Les Preses provides an atypical view of La Garrotxa and is one of the best places anywhere for getting a bird’seye view of Croscat and the other volcanoes in the area. As well, its height of 905 m makes it an ideal place for contemplating the fertile plain of Vall d’en Bas and the Alta Garrotxa, as well as the high peaks of the eastern Pyrenees and – if weather permits – Cap de Creus and the sea at Roses.

Another good vantage point in La Garrotxa and ideal for photography is the basaltic cliff in Castellfollit de la Roca, the second smallest municipality in Catalonia. The singular outline of the church and houses perched on the cliff edge is a must for photographers.

Other excellent viewpoints in La Garrotxa include the volcano of Montsacopa in the centre of Olot, which provides good all-round views of the city of Olot itself and the surrounding land-landscape, the sanctuary of La Salut and Sant Jordi, both near Sant Feliu de Pallerols, Santa Maria de Finestres, atop the eponymous mountain near Santa Pau, Sant Miquel de Castelló and Fontanils overlooking La Vall d’en Bas, and, last not but not least, the sanctuary of Mare de Déu del Mont in the Alta Garrotxa. El Guilar,
in Argelaguer, is another interesting viewpoint in La Garrotxa.

Located halfway between the Garrotxa and the Emporda, the viewpoint of Santa Magdalena, in Maia de Montcal, is an excellent vantage point of the Empordà plain.

Miradors de la Garrotxa


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