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Sant Feliu de Pallerols - Coll de Condreu. Natural Park route 20



  • Duration:

    2h 20min

  • Nearby municipalities:

    Sant Feliu de Pallerols

  • Type:

    At your leisure

  • Type:

    On foot

  • Area:


  • Difficulty:


We will find majestic the two hermitages of the Corb: Sant Miquel and Sant Martí, bucolic and spectacular in the middle of nature. The path winds through dry stone walls, which indicate the way to build and parcel the fields before. From a nearby and almost wild environment, we will return to the city through the moixina waterfalls and follow the path of Revell to the center of the city.

The beginning of the route is at the crossroads G22 Pont de les Mores. We will go down the Avda de Asturias, we will pass through the meadows of La Mandra and continue along the river by the right flank until we find an iron bridge, which we will have to cross. Once on the other side of the river, we will climb the Avda de la República Argentina to the Plaza de América, where we can see one of the sculptures by the artist Rosa Serra. We will cross the square of America and walk along the Avda de Cuba until the entrance to Parc Nou d'Olot, a romantic garden of 4 hectares presided over by Torre Castanys, which is now the headquarters of the Volcanoes Museum of La Garrotxa .

We will cross the Parc Nou and we will leave for a dirt road that passes through the Mas Cabreró and on the side of some well-cared gardens; We will cross the Sant Jordi road and we will take a stretch to the La Deu road. After the restaurant, we will turn right.

This path will lead us to a house made of volcanic stone (Can Sala). There we will turn right again and continue straight up to the horse riding track. We will leave the asphalt road to go to a dirt road, following the yellow marks.

This narrow, small road leads us to a slightly wider path, also in the first section, but later paved, called the Llongaines path, this path will take us to the neighborhood of Pocafarina, where we will find the P7 junction that will be indicated to the left to find the way up to the Racó volcano.

The entrance of the road is between a small farmhouse and a water tank of Sorea, there is a fig tree, a small wooden fence and a stick with a yellow mark that indicates the start. We will start climbing this path, with beechings on both sides, until we reach a clearing (this clariana is lava wash from the Racó volcano, currently a wheat field). There we will find the G143 crossroads, which will mark the path upwards, and immediately the G144 that will turn us to the left to go to the hermitages of Sant Miquel and Sant Martí del Corb.

We will continue along this path surrounded by holm oaks, oaks and sprouts, we will pass by Mas Racó, which we will leave on the left, and then we will start descending along a path surrounded by beech in the direction of the hermitage. Walking through this beech forest you will find the Racó fountain, which, despite being dry and in disuse, has a very beautiful stone sink. We will continue down and, on the right, we will find some bricks made with dry stone and, after a few minutes, we will find the hermitage of Sant Miquel del Corb. Once in Sant Miquel we will take the path towards the hermitage of Sant Martí del Corb; we will find a farmhouse and a stable of cows on the left and we will continue along the way until we arrive at the Mas L'Antiga. We will pass through the era and ahead of the cabin of this farmhouse, in order to take the path to the hermitage of Sant Martí. Next to the hermitage we will find the G75 pole that will indicate the descent.

We will take this path, surrounded by shafts, oaks and ferns, and we will continue straight until we find the Corb road, where there is the P8 junction. Here we will continue straight ahead, always following the marks. We will pass through Casanova and we will find the SP7 Can Bora junction that will continue towards the park of the dwellings. Along the way, we will find different fields of beams built with dry stone from the Cabrioler volcano, which stand out for its black color. We will continue to the clot of the Sants: where we will find another Itinerànnia mast O12, we will continue to the left to return to the Triai path, passing the hill of Pujou and the Teularia. On the Triai road we will continue straight ahead and, after a few meters, we will turn left onto Can Fumarola. We will go to the hermitage of La Salut, we will take the Moixina road to the right and pass behind Perrer, where we will find the O1B junction. We will continue parallel to the Revell ridge, until we find the Triai road and the O1 junction, and we will go to the left until the Mores bridge where we started the route.

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