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Jewish Besalú


The Jewish quarter of Besalú stood next to the river Fluvià for over 500 years and its history lives on in the rich heritage it has left behind. Its story is the principal theme of this route, which provides visitors with a chance to learn more about Jewish culture. It runs through the squares and streets of medieval Besalú, across the bridge that provides access to the town, along the streets of Pont Vell, Tallaferro and Portalet, and visits the house of Astruc, the Cúria Reial and, finally, the Jews’ Square, where the synagogue once stood and from where steps lead down to the purification baths or ‘Mikveh’. These baths are one of the few 12th century Mikvehs still in existence, a fact that fully justifies their status as a valuable part of national heritage.

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