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Coll de Bas - Marboleny -Castell de Colltort - Fontpobra. Natural Park route 26



  • Duration:

    1h 50min (one-way ti

  • Nearby municipalities:

    Sant Feliu de Pallerols

  • Type:

    At your leisure

  • Type:

    On foot

  • Area:


  • Difficulty:


The route will take us along the watershed between the river basins Fluvià and Brugent, tributaries of the river Ter, and will take us to one of the great viewpoints of the Natural Park: the castle of Colltort.

We will leave by the road of La Fàbrega towards the mill of Can Campaneta and we will ascend parallel to the Brugent. We separate from the river and following this path we reach Coll d'Úria. We cross the road and continue along the path. We cross the ditch of Coll d'Úria and the Torrent de Cal Sant Pare a couple of times, to the Torrent de la Teuleria. We will follow the Salut road through the Pla dels Alemanys, about 35 min left. The return can be done in the same way or following the Itinerànnia markings by the source of El Vern.

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