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On every street corner in Olot you’ll find a shop where you can buy exquisite local products, guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding of palates, all prepared with top-quality products and the know-how of local cooks.

Near the Museum of Saints you will find the central market and Olot’s main shopping streets. Home to shops of all kinds, Olot is characterized above all by the number of establishments that sell their own delicious home-produced gastronomical wares, all created with a generous dash of local pride.

One of the best-loved after-dinner drinks in Olot is ratafia, a sweet digestive liquor made from green walnuts and an abundance of mixed herbs and spices. Try it and see! And what better to accompany a glass of ratafia than a slice of coca de llardons (sweet bread-cake with pork scratchings), tortell d’anis (a circular anis-flavoured sponge-cake) or any one of the myriad different cakes that the local shops bake on their premises. An afternoon snack could consist of coca or tortell with a slice of chocolate or cured sausage. Don’t forget either the traditional chocolates from Olot that can be bought near the Museum of Saints. Moving from sweet to savoury, the city centre is home to various traditional bakers who still use wood-fired ovens, as well as a number of butchers selling their homecured charcuterie. Finally, a visit to the market is a must, where alongside the stalls selling cured meat, vegetables and fresh fish, you’ll find products such as farinetes, a type of semolina made from buckwheat (fajol).

Don’t miss

 ·The Tapas Route (June)

 ·The Garrotxa Gastronomic show (November)

 ·A visit to Olot market

Did you know?

The restaurants that form part of the group Volcanic Cuisine have created a buckwheat beer that can be tasted and bought in any one of the group’s restaurants This beer is made from water, barley malt, buckwheat, oat flakes, ratafia syrup, hops and yeast.


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