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Cornamusam 2015


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    From 19 to 21 of June of 2015

Festival Internacional de la Cornamusa d'Olot

Programació Cornamusam 2015.

A year Olot Cornamusam hosts the Festival, and it is the 24th edition! This veteran festival organized by the Association of Popular Culture Garrotxa lime, with the support of the City Council and the Generalitat of Catalonia, warming up with some new and renewed programming.

After many editions this year has decided to introduce some innovations to renew the festival, but without losing the basic outline of your program or give up those singular events are part of the idiosyncrasies of Cornamusam, such as Touched for Home or dances of the Cabreta Cornamusam. This year is also the date change Cornamusam moved to the third weekend in June (19, 20 and 21 June). The latest editions Cornamusam had held the first weekend of July.

It creates the figure of coordinator
The first novelty is the creation of the figure of coordinator Cornamusam, along with members of the association lime, has designed and produced this year's program. With the intention to consolidate within the festival calendar Garrotxa, Girona and Catalan, was deemed appropriate for a person external to reinvigorate the festival. Pol Ducable, musician and ethnomusicologist Mataró, has been chosen to hold this position and begin this new stage of Cornamusam.

Recovery Award Ratafia Russet and workshops
This XXIVè Cornamusam also decided to recover the prize Ratafia Russet, a composition contest for bagpipes that had been organized in previous years and now aims to revitalize the invaluable complicity of the company Olot Ratafia Russet. This year we have received fifteen works of a high musical level and during the festival itself interprets 5; otorgarà jury awards between three finalists in a ceremony at noon on Saturday at the Plaza Theatre.
Also this year recovering workshops and master classes with the idea to become an integral part of the festival. The bagpipe was born with a pedagogical and dissemination of bagpipes and this 2015 is to provide a new impetus to this forgotten aspect of the festival through two workshops with two international groups visiting Olot year. On the one hand there will be a dance workshop with Occitan Matta & Rouch trio and the other will be a master class with the Iranian Saeid cornamusaire Shanbehzadeh.

Olot bag! More and more participation SACA
The festival also wants to attract more specialized audience. Being a festival dedicated to the bagpipes, the bagpipes, the musicians of this instrument are the public to be more loyal. The recovery of the master class is one of the actions in this regard. The other is the creation of two areas in the festival program because it removes around can play his instrument well and show their skills to other colleagues and the general public.
On the one hand created an open stage, a space for freely SACA can amuse themselves while the jury deliberates Award Ratafia Russet. On the other, this show moves to sack the afternoon in the town center of Olot, which will participant in the city's atmosphere that exists cornamusaire that weekend. Participation in any of these activities will reward a meal and gratuity in workshops and entrance to the concert (depending on what event involved)

Developments in the image of Cornamusam
The Cornamusam also shows a change his look, a new look with a new logo and revamped website, an innovative proposal and poster. A work done two studies graphic design, Pomodoro and Family Studies Louis Torres.

More Cornamusam presence of Olot
The Cornamusam in this new phase also aims to have more presence in the city throughout the year and collaborate with local organizations. So far these intentions have already finalized a collaboration with the Association OFOLK folk dance, which has advised regarding the festival dance groups and dance workshops.

Programació Cornamusam 2015


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