Maià de Montcal

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Maià de Montcal is the municipality situated at the easternmost extreme of La Garrotxa, right on the boundary with the Alt Empordà and the Pla de l'Estany.

The Fluvià cuts through the south of the area, which is also watered by the Maià and Segueró rivers before they flow into the Fluvià at Dosquers.

The area's residents are spread among various settlements: el Quer, les Ferreries, Dosquers, Bruguers, Jonqueres, Llorenç and Pocafarina.

Of interest are the Romanesque churches of Sant Vicenç de Maià and Sant Martí de Dosquers, the Romanesque monastery of Santa Maria de Jonqueres (Santa Magdalena de Maià), Sant Prim and Sant Felicià chapel, Dosquers castle and various country houses.


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