Rules and regulations for visitors

For more complete information, ask at the Park's information centres, where in addition to information leaflets you will find maps, guides and books that will help you to organise your visit.
The park has an extensive network of signposted walking trails. If you follow them, you will be able to visit the most significant spots in the area.
Most of the Natural Park is private property. Try and make sure that your visit does not disturb the people who live here.
Off-site camping is not allowed. Within the Natural Park, there are several campsites, hotels and hostels where you can spend the night.
For safety and conservation reasons, lighting fires is strictly prohibited.
The maintenance service has to work very hard to keep the most frequently visited areas clean. Always use the dustbins or take your rubbish away with you.
Catching animals and/or collecting rocks, minerals and plants are not permitted within the Natural Park.
There are some areas in which access is restricted to service personnel and inhabitants, which are very clearly marked. Access in motor vehicles to these areas is prohibited.
The park information centres can provide special authorisation to allow people with mobility problems to enter the restricted access areas in a motor vehicle.