La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park

The Garrotxa's Volcanic Zone is the best example of volcanic terrain on the Iberian Peninsula. It has 40 volcanic cones and more than 20 lava flows.


La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park is composed by eleven municipalities.

The mountain landscape, the sun and climate provide a variety of vegetation, often exuberant, with holm oaks, common oaks and beech trees of exceptional value to the landscape.

At La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park there are 28 walking routes that pass through the Natural Park's most interesting places. The majority are signposted, except some of the longest that, if you are used to it, can be followed easily with the help of the guide map for the Natural Park.  The Natural Park has an extensive range of publications available.

The Natural Park's routes often join with those of the Itinerànnia network of trails. So, from the routes of the Natural Park it is possible to gain access on foot to any other part of La Garrotxa, Ripollès or Alt Empordà through Itinerànnia.

Ninety-eight per cent of the Natural Park territory is private property. Try not to make annoying noises or disturb the people that live there or are visiting. The capturing of animals and the collecting of plants, rocks and minerals are not allowed in the area of the Natural Park.

Parking areas are signposted. Try to leave vehicles in the parking places prepared for this purpose. At the car parks you will find rest areas equipped with toilets, rubbish bins and drinking water, if you need to take a break. Avoid having picnics beyond these areas. It is prohibited in the natural reserves.

The Park's maintenance service has to work hard to keep the most popular places clean. Try to create the minimum of rubbish, avoid bringing tins, cartons, tinfoil, etc. Always pick up the rubbish that you make and take it away with you or put it in the rubbish bins in the car parks.

· Opening times: from 9 to 17 h

· Rates: Cars: 4 € all day. / Coaches: 8 € all day. / Motorcycles: 2 € all day.

· The parking space in Can Serra ( Fageda d'en Jordà) is metered during Weekends, during Easter holidays and 'La Puríssima' bank holiday ( 6th - 8th of Dec.), between 9h and 15h.

· The parking space in Santa Margarida is metered during Weekends, during Easter holidays and 'La Puríssima' bank holiday ( 6th - 8th of Dec.), between 9h and 15h. Can Passavent information centre opens from 10h to 16h.

· The Natural Park's regulation states that it's not allowed to leave or pick-up people from parking spaces, the round-about near the Santa Margarida's bar and the access road to the Croscat volcano, to avoid paying. The areas and their services are used by all members of such groups and therefore must be payed for to ensure a correct maintenance.

· Education centres and non-profit organisations from la Garrotxa may be exempted from paying depending on the activity they have planned. They must contact the Natural Park.

· For every coach entry there is free access for one vehicle (car or motorcycle), so guides or the person responsible of the group are not charged. To take advantage of this exemption, the business/guide has to request it by email at the following address: The petition must be sent at least 48 hours prior to the visit, to ensure it is successfully registered. Once the guide arrives at the parking area they will have to contact the ticket officer during the payment for the coach.

· The Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa, has a special chair ("Joëlette") so that all those with reduced mobility can enjoy hiking activities or access areas with more inaccessible and irregular terrain. More information: Tel. 972 19 50 94 -

El cor del Parc Natural


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