Roman road of Capsacosta

The Roman road of Capsacosta is a genuine work of huge engineering importance and an exceptional testament to a historical period of great change for the country.

Created in the time of the Roman Empire, the Roman road of Capsacosta is very easy to follow. In several stretches it is extremely well preserved. This road was known as the Via Annia and was a branch of the Via Augusta. From Figueres it ran towards the mountains and after crossing the Bianya plain climbed towards Capsacosta and continued to the Ares pass where, on the frontier with Gaul, it went on to connect with the Via Principal.

The walls, wheel-guards and all the other elements of the Roman road of Capsacosta are a testament to the extraordinary construction project carried out two thousand years ago.

One of Itinerànnia's paths follows the Roman road of Capsacosta, from Traginers (Vall de Bianya) until Sant Pau de Segúries (Ripollès).

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