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  • B-Crek restaurant

  • Address

    • Plaça Clarà, 7
  • Phone number

    • 972 26 65 86
  • Cooking style

  • Vegan food

    • Yes
  • Vegetarian food

    • Yes
  • *Gluten-Free Foods

    • Yes
  • Take out orders or home delivery

    • Take away orders
    • Home delivery
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B-Crek Clarà un concepto gastronómico "casual food", para una alimentación natural y equilibrada y un servicio rápido y de calidad. Cafés, zumos, ensaladas, bocadillos y platos combinados.

Sandwiches, juices and natural salads to be taken at the premises located in Clarà Square, or home delivery.

Quality and proximity products for a natural and balanced diet.


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