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    • 972 68 20 78
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    • Market cuisine
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The La Garrotxa Restaurant is located in Mieres (between Santa Pau and Banyoles). It is a family restaurant where, in addition to fork breakfasts, it specializes in traditional Catalan cuisine: grilled meat with the best meat denomination of origin of Girona, escalivadas, snails "a la llauna", cod "a la llauna", beans de Santa Pau ... and always with tomatoes and garlic to make toasts. All recipes are made with fresh, seasonal and quality products.

It has a garden with children's playground, a terrace, and some Saturdays organizes live music concerts.


From Monday to Thursday from 08.00 to 18.00

Friday and Saturday from 08.00 to 00.00

Sunday from 08.00 to 18.00

Tuesday closed.


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