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  • La Cúria Reial restaurant

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    • Plaça de la Llibertat, 14
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    • 972 59 02 63
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We are in a historic building is one of the most emblematic civil architecture Besalú transition from Romanesque to Gothic Century XIII-XIV, which for years was the headquarters vegueria. Vegueria, formerly (veguers) is the territory over which he had authority a judge. Judge that either the Latin (Vicarius), who is representing a higher authority, a royal official was assumed that s.XIII

Legal responsibilities and helped an representació.Era their sotsveguers functions. It was also Courthouse and Royal Court, and later the convent nuns Heart of Mary. The year 1977 was set as a restaurant, and despite renovations that has been the subject has been carefully preserved.

The restaurant offers a Royal Curia cuisine with dishes that are elaborate way home, with a marked creaticitat, enjoying the Kitchen Volcanic products of the native land and with careful alaboració.

We satisfy your senses.

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