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The Way of the Fluvià, linking the Pyrenees with the Costa Brava. A new experience of river trekking where we'll discover the river of volcanoes from its source to the Mediterranean.

The Camí del Fluvià is a new proposal for active tourism, an adventure trip that unites trekking and discovery of the geological, historical and natural mysteries that hides the "river of volcanoes".

Over more than 100km. We will tour the Fluvià from its birth, next to the Pyrenees, to the heart of the Costa Brava.

· A new concept of fluvial trekking is born, which goes beyond walking along the Fluvià, since the river allows us, in some sections, to walk inside the riverbed, always accompanied by our guides.

· We will cross the different ecosystems that have formed around us and observe the fauna and flora that live there.

· We will explore the interaction of the river and the human being, the ancestral use that has been made of its waters, both for agriculture or for industry. We will visit the ancient prehistoric villages, art, we will revive historical events in the first person as the passage of the elephants of Anibal following the Fluvià or the foundation of Empúries by the Greeks in the old mouth of the Fluvià.

· We offer up to 3 modalities of discovery to be able to live this adventure, adapted to the needs and the time of each one.

· A new concept that unites holidays, sports and adventure around the only volcanic river on the Peninsula and the best preserved in Europe. El Fluvià still hides many mysteries that will reveal the rhythm of our steps.

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